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Code Editor Themes for Xojo Developers

Xojo Themes

Themes help you easily change the appearance of the Code Editor in the Xojo IDE. They are 100% compatible with the Xojo IDE or the XojoThemes.app, as they use the same .xojo_theme format.

Created a theme you'd like to share here? Please send me an email to gavin@libertyapp.com.

NEW! Bracket Dark by Geoff Haynes

Camp Software by Hal Gumbert

Space Grey by Gavin Smith

Solarized Dark by Gavin Smith

Sunset by Gavin Smith

Presentation by Gavin Smith

Midnight by Gavin Smith

XDC 2016 by Gavin Smith

XojoThemes 3 (the app)

XojoThemes allows you to change the colors and font of the Xojo IDE’s code editor in groups (or themes). You might want to have one theme for the daytime and a different one for the evening. Choose a built-in theme or create your own. Import and export themes to share with your colleagues.

XojoThemes is 100% free for all Xojo developers and runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. 

Like it? Want to support us? Check out our latest product, Server Ranger 2, created entirely with Xojo, for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Note (Mar 12 2018): none of the apps are signed at the moment, which is rather naughty. I should get this fixed over the next week or two.

Version History

Mar 12 2018 XojoThemes 3.0 - Now also for Linux and includes support for the new Block Highlights color. Since our last release, the Xojo IDE can now import and export .xojo_theme files so XojoThemes.app is largely Sherlock'd. Furthermore, it used to be possible for XojoThemes to change the theme in the Xojo IDE directly. Unfortunately, this hasn't been possible for the last few releases of IDE due to the way changes have been made with its Preferences. Still, here is a shiny new release for those who love IDE themes, like me! You may also be interested in Feedback case 51589.
Aug 15 2016 XojoThemes 2.0 - Now also for Windows. Plus, import and export your themes.Changes:- Now for Windows as well as macOS- XojoThemes now exports your themes, creating .xojo_theme XML files so you can share your favorites with colleagues or other computers- ...which, of course, now means you can import other .xojo_theme files. Download more at http://www.libertyapp.com/xojothemes- Other minor tweaks and bug fixes
Aug 1 2016 XojoThemes 1.1 A change in recent versions of the Xojo IDE inadvertently meant that XojoThemes couldn't do its thing. I understand what the issue is now but it's kind of out of my hands. Anyway, the workaround is (unfortunately) to quit the IDE after setting the theme and relaunching. Opening and closing the IDE preference window will no longer work on recent versions. This kind of diminishes the utility of XojoThemes but that's the way it is. Hope it's still of some use to you. • Changed in-app text to advise relaunching IDE • Minor bug fixes
Mar 10 2016 XojoThemes 1.0.1 • Fixed crash when entering non-numeric characters into the font size ComboBox (thanks Jean-Paul Devulder) • Cleaned up OS X 10.9 TextLabel sizing nastiness in the Preview pane (thanks Jared Feder) • Fixed bug that caused Cursor Color to overwrite AutoComplete • Code signed for GateKeeper happiness
Mar 6 2016 XojoThemes 1.0 Now allows custom themes, now 64-bit (hey, why not), changed Preview pane to use swatches, moved Help button to de-facto standard position, moved Set Theme button beside Add/Minus buttons, bug fixes
Feb 28 2016 XojoThemes 1.0b1 - Now allows custom themes, now 64-bit (hey, why not)
Aug 17 2014 XojoThemes 0.5.2 - Minor bug fix, tweaked explanatory text.
May 2 2014 XojoThemes 0.5.1 - Added Solarized Dark theme.
May 1 2014 XojoThemes 0.5 - Initial release.