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iOS Game From Scratch In 14 Days – Done!

And we’re done! iOS game complete, from scratch, in 14 days. It’s been a fun experiment and I’m not sure I’ve ever written so much code in 14 days before.

So, let me give you the sales pitch and then I’ll talk a little more about the development side of things. *clears throat*

Become manager of your national team and take them to the biggest competition on Earth, the World Cup finals in Russia! Choose your team and staff, then train your players. Every player is unique with his own personality, style and needs.

On Match day, the world will be watching so make sure your players are ready for the intense focus. Perhaps your team will be up against a much better team – what tactics will you choose to surprise your opponent and produce a shock result? Unlike some football management games, nothing is predetermined – the game does thousands of calculations and every player makes multiple decisions every second of the match. During a match, swipe left to see how your biggest rivals are performing in their matches. Or swipe right to change tactics, bring on subs and try to impact the final result.

After the match, everyone will have an opinion – the media, the Chairman, your players. What will your reaction be? Talk to players 1-on-1 where needed. Earn experience points (XP) for shock results and spend action points (AP) – treat your team to a night out or attempt to spy on a rival team, but don’t get caught!

Can you take your team the whole way, to the World Cup Final and perhaps win the biggest prize of all?


Well, I’ll work on the sales pitch, but you get the idea. This is the sort of game that I can’t imagine writing without object-oriented programming. Everything in this game is an object – every one of the hundreds of teams, every one of the thousands of players, every staff member, even every moment of the match, they’re all objects. At some point, during the development process, the number of things that were happening became a little mind-boggling but every object knew its own goals, its own characteristics and knew what it had to do.

So, where do we go now? The App Store, of course! I’ve set a release date of 26th June and an introductory price of $1.99 (no ads, no in-app purchases). That gives me a few days to do a little marketing and get an icon made. I’d also like to get the game translated into as many languages as possible. I suspect this is going to be very hard because the game is very wordy. But the game is based on a competition with interest all over the world – it would be nice to have App Store descriptions catered for each major market. For example, the Italians failed to qualify for the competition, which is a little unusual for them – but wouldn’t it be a nice sales pitch on the Italian App Store, to mention that the player could rewrite history with this game?

Last thing, the name – it’s Cup Manager. I hope you’ll check it out when it’s available!


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