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Game Reveal and Update

As a change of pace, I’m making a management strategy sim game for the iPhone, in the vein of the Football Manager series but based on the forthcoming football (soccer to my American friends) World Cup in Russia. You choose your players, train them up so they improve their stats and select your strategy for each match. You’ll have to make various other decisions each day of the campaign, such as pep talks for players, dealing with the media and even spying on rival teams (but don’t get caught!)

During a football match, the game does literally thousands of calculations every second, taking into account the location of every player, their opponents, their pace, their skill level, their confidence and much, much more. Each player is a unique entity with his own personality and talents. As a manager, you can still have an impact on things on the pitch – you can bring on subs at the right time, and influence tactics. And your AI rivals will be doing exactly the same thing, reacting to your decisions and doing everything they can to beat you.

I’ve wanted to make a game like this for a while and, a few months ago, I was lucky to reserve a good name on iTunes Connect. I’ll reveal that really soon.

In truth, there’s no particular capability that Xojo has that made me choose it over, say, Xcode and Swift. Anything that I’m doing in Xojo for this game could be done in Xcode. But Xojo’s clean language and object-oriented features are making the logic side of things (which is far and away the bulk of the work) a pleasure. I started moving to working on the front-end in earnest today and a RAD environment like Xojo speeds things up there too. There are lot of games that Xojo would be a terrible choice for – anything is possible, of course, but I can think of many other frameworks and environments that would be a far better choice for a 3D action game, for example! But for a turn-based or tile-based strategy game or simulation, Xojo is absolutely ideal.

This is day 11 of my randomly arbitrary 14 day limit that I set myself. I think we’re actually on course (gasp!) for completion on Thursday as planned and I’ll have screenshots in the next 48 hours.

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