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Server Ranger 2 wins an award

Last month, in Denver Colorado, Xojo Inc held their developer conference. For those not in the know, Xojo is a cross-platform development IDE which, in itself, is not a rarity, but Xojo produces 100% native apps on each platform. It’s very nice indeed, and we’ve been using it for 20 years now, along with various other tools such as Xcode.

Day 1 one of the conference traditionally sees the CEO’s keynote which, along with plans for the future, also includes the announcement of this year’s Xojo Design Awards. I’m thrilled to announce that Server Ranger 2 won an award in the Best Utility category. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get Server Ranger 2 where it is today and it’s great to get recognition for it. We are really excited about our plans for the Server Ranger product over the next 12 months – stay tuned.

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